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Planing for a day trip or extanding your journey in Marrakech.

Want to enjoy the Wow factors of the Medina.

let's  us recharge the batteries together and foreshadow your expectations.

Seize the day! carpediem. 


Marrakech  guide tours  After a long years of experience,  is comited to serve you better and make you happy. A quest of exotic and authentic historical sites, alleys of the old medina, and the labiranth of the souk is guaranteed throughout sharing our expertise. 


We are here to help you , cater for your expectations and make your travel experience genuine and  enjoyable.

Marrakech  guide tours is eager to greet you within the spell of inevitable cocktail of smell, sounds, and vibrant hidden mysteries.

​​Marrakech guide tours provide with a wide range of sevices including:


We offer private tours  with a licensed tour local city guide to see Marrakech including :

Half day tours from 10.00 to 14.00 o'clock

Full day tours starts at 10.00 finnishes at 16.00

These visists iclude different interesting places which deserves attention: Visit to the medina regarding sites, square alleys, gardens, souks, atisans and hidden places. Cater for the our guests expectations and enhancing their awreness providing them with the necessary tips and advices about Marrakech.



Reda was the perfect guide for me in Marrakech. He showed me many out of the way places that I would never have found on my own. Reda is a highly educated man who possesses humor and kindness. After spending a day with him walking the medina, I arranged to go with him again the next day.


His professionalism and grace allowed me to truly experience Marrakech.   I am not normally a person who goes with a guide, but the Marrakech medina is a maze. With Reda I was able to relax and take in the sights, smells and wonders of the medina.

I recommend him to anyone who is traveling in Marrakech.

BW, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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